Cleaning an Italian Bird after a strip-tease is unequivocally important

It’s been a month since our last post. I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on the current state of the Combat project. Earlier last month, I met up with Josiah to rip out the old rusty mechanisms from the cabinet and back-box and do some preliminary cleaning. There was a large amount of white mold on nearly every inch of the inner-cabinet. Once we removed all the components, Jo moved the cabinet out to the street and brushed it (at a distance) with a broom. He kept a consistent white cloud in the air for about 15 minutes. It was pretty gnarly and needed a good cleaning.

Photos from the Cab Tear-down and Cleaning

The moldy cabinet before the broom-brushing and the original counters… two of them, so games and total ball drains? Anyone know what the second one is for?

The original mechs inside the cabinet… most of it rusted or covered in mold. Tasty!

Take it Off, Take it Off

A week later, Elliot and Terence joined us for a tear down of the play-field plastics. Some of the screws were so badly rusted that they broke in half. This means we’ll have to drill the remaining metal out when it comes time to reinstall the plastics. The metal posts were not budging either and we managed to break one of them in the same way as the screws. Rather than dig ourselves another hole, we made a decision to leave them installed. They should shine up with a bit of cleaning later.


Cabinet Cleaning Session

Finally, this past weekend we all got together at Josiah’s (including Steve) to record this Podcast and do some cleaning of the stripped cabinet. We took the palm-sander to it for removing the deep mold and rust stains. Steve did some scrubbing with a wire-brush and we gave the whole cab a wipe down with vinegar. It’s no masterpiece, but it will do for our needs.


Outside of the hardware stuff, I’ve been making some progress with Mission Pinball. Basically, it can launch/drain balls,increment the ball count and return to the attract mode. Here’s one of the most boring videos you’ll ever watch (if you care to watch that is):