Riff in Drop-D while Pinball goes Plaid

Wednesday is our band practice pinball project? night. After those totally lame football championship games and some long work days, it was good to get back together with the guys and make some progress. The sound you’re hearing — assuming you didn’t stop it already (I know autoplay is annoying but I couldn’t resist… remember MySpace?) — is our first attempt at writing some background music for Combat. I came up with one of the two guitar patterns over the weekend and it seemed to align well with another riff Josiah busted out, so we combined them. What do you think?

Beyond the audio recording, we decided on a name for this ambitious venture: Pinball Plaid. The name pays homage to our prior music venture… and this is honestly the first time I’ve used the word “homage”. Although, if you read this article about my wedding last year, my making this claim would appear to be false. It’s not… I am pretty sure about that at least.

Josiah doing some researchWhen Elliot and I arrived this evening, Josiah was jamming on another riff that we all agreed was pretty darn cool (you can hear it below). Josiah also gave us a bit of a pinball hardware primer. I still don’t think I fully understand the concept of drivers, yet (and if they are themselves, also switches). We spent time looking at some of the rusted hardware and beat-up cabinet and man oh man are we going to have our hands full… That’s about all I have to say about that, but Josiah should be able to get some pictures posted over the weekend. We discussed briefly, too, the idea of producing a monthly Podcast about music and pinball. Anything you want us to talk about?

Here is Josiah’s other riff in all its glory.