Podcast Episode 01 – The backstory and the Mission (some history)

Steve, Terence, Josiah, Elliot and myself go over some history while they introduce the Pinball Plaid Podcast.  This is our first episode ever!

First, some History

The episode begins with a little bit about our past history, how we all got together and why we’re here doing this stuff today. Terence and myself go over the history of Flannel, a 90’s cover band project we’ve been doing for the last 5 years.

We talk some about a little jam spot we had back in the day that almost was no more and then eventually was due to theft.

Josiah and Steve provide some history on the Zaccaria Combat table they picked up for $50 on the way back from another Pinball-related adventure. I also tell a quick story about how we got a pretty sweet logo thanks to a school project. We eventually wrap things up with a breakdown of our goals for the project and what we’ve accomplished thus far.

Recorded: Saturday, March 4, 2017